Buy a Festival Package and Save!

Festive First Nights

Be among the first in New York to see these exceptional productions and bring a friend to share in the excitement. Get two tickets for the price of one when purchasing these three performances.

A Magic Flute—July 5
The Cleveland Orchestra—July 13
The Silver Tassie—July 24

Danish Immersion

Treat yourself in these sumptuous evenings featuring some of Denmark’s most celebrated performing artists. Purchase one or more tickets to all three evenings and save 25% off the total cost.

Royal Danish Orchestra—July 28
Selma Ježková—July 29
Danish Chamber Music—July 30

Bruckner Quadraphonic

Hear all four evenings of The Cleveland Orchestra’s fresh, dramatic readings of Anton Bruckner and save up to $160. Purchase one $90 ticket to all four performances for $200 (a $360 value) or purchase one $70 ticket to all four performances for $150 (a $280 value). Use promo code BRUCKNER when ordering.

The Cleveland Orchestra—July 13, 14, 16, and 17